Our philosophy

Since it was founded in 2009, Nectar & Co has been committed to respecting producers, products and the environment.

We work in partnership with a network of European organic and sustainable producers. These partnerships have meant that we can bring to the market a range of honeys unique in both flavour and floral diversity, bearing the “Apiculture Biologique” (Organic Beekeeping) label. In our business, we are committed to encouraging and supporting the development of local, sustainable and also organic beekeeping, with a direct impact on the long-term future of the environment.

We uphold values including the natural authenticity of the products we offer, as well as tradition and “Made in Belgium” savoir-faire, thanks to the production methods that we use.

The honey we import from European producers is natural and bears the “Apiculture Biologique” label, in accordance with European standards. This means that we are committed to paying them fairly both for their work and for the ecological value that their production methods represent.

Alongside this approach, we are also dedicated to preserving our planet and developing the biosphere that relies on it, not because it’s a trend we’d like to follow, but because there can be no other way of doing it.