Collected by bees from the very heart of flowers, nectar is taken back to the hive where it is turned into honey; it is thanks to mankind’s know-how that we can enjoy the amazing product.

Beekeepers carefully choose the location of their hives and looks after them throughout the season. They protect their bees, giving them everything they need. At the end of the season, the honey can be collected and enjoyed. Its flavour, colour and texture depend on the flowers that the bees have visited.

The conditions under which they are extracted and packaged then have an impact on the quality of these pure products of nature.

Our travels in Europe, with all its different flavours, have introduced us to people producing some amazing monofloral honeys, with depths of flavour comparable to the finest wines. These beekeepers nurture local species of bees. They practice pastoral beekeeping, an age-old method for producing honey that involves taking the bees to areas with the most flowers as the season moves on.

For our part, we enhance the work done by these amazing beekeepers to introduce you to the flavours of their region. Each of our honeys is produced by a single beekeeper based in a given geographical area. The honeys are never mixed between productions, origins and harvests when they are put in the jar.

The beekeepers that Nectar & Co has chosen are organically certified in accordance with European standards. We visit them every year, and would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to their savoir-faire.

We sign a partnership agreement with each one that guarantees the purchase price and quality of the honey. The beekeeper undertakes to respect strict specifications and provide us with their own honey, whose geographical origins are guaranteed.

The quantity of honey produced by a hive varies from one year to the next. It depends on the climate during the flowering season. Sometimes we have to wait until the following harvest to guarantee the flavour of certain honeys…