Nectar & Co undertakes to minimise the environmental impact of what it does in the most sensitive stages of its activities.


  •     Our workshop is housed in an energy-efficient building fitted with solar panels.
  •     Most of our machinery (jarring, labelling) uses compressed air.
  •     Our chilling process uses a closed-circuit system, reducing the consumption of water.
  •     We ban excess packaging.
  •     We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.


  •     We recycle the containers in which bee-related products are sent to us.
  •     We encourage our retailers to reuse cardboard boxes and we also use reusable plastic boxes.
  •     Our jars and bottles are made of glass (with 95.95% of the packaging made of recycled glass – Belgium is a leading light when it comes to recycling glass).
  •     Our labels are printed using food-grade ink and without any glaze. They can be removed cold; our jars are therefore easy to reuse.
  •     The packaging for our royal jelly is made of cork, which can also be recycled:  www.recycork.be.
  •     We are members of organisations that promote recycling, VAL-I-PAC and Fostplus.
  •     Our promotional and marketing material is printed on recycled paper.


  •     Containers are sent to us in bulk.
  •     We have launched mass transport initiatives with a number of producers in our region.
  •     All of our raw materials come from Europe.
  •     We choose local suppliers for our equipment and packaging wherever we can.