We work in partnership with a network of European organic and sustainable producers. Our partners are all organically certified according to the European label.

This label guarantees that the product fully complies with European farming terms and regulations. For processed foods, at least 95% of the ingredients of a product are produced organically.

This certification offers a number of benefits, both for the producers and for the consumers, including in particular:

  •     A system whereby products can be traced by batch.
  •     The guarantee of a product’s provenance and authenticity.
  •     Respect for strict hygiene and cleanliness standards in all facilities.
  •     Audits carried out by certification bodies on both the producers’ premises and our own.

These partnerships have meant that we can bring to the market a range of honeys unique in both flavour and floral diversity, bearing the “Apiculture Biologique” (Organic Beekeeping) label.

Nectar & co has chosen the Belgian inspection organisation, Certisys, for its European organic label.

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