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All the benefits of high-quality honey and red berries preserved in a cold-pressing technique perfected by Nectar & Co. Expect a taste sensation for heightened culinary pleasure!

Much more than candy, these are delicious fruit jellies. Red fruit flavors or lemony notes, all without gelatin, only fruit, honey and a little sugar. GOM Mmh, they are well named!

6,95 €

Italian honey, Italian almonds, egg white and a small sheet of gluten-free host, all gorged with the sun of Sardinia.

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These little propolis and liquorice gums are not just ordinary sweets. Lovers of more intense flavours will rediscover the pleasures of liquorice combined with the effectiveness of propolis.

Unrefined honey on the comb. Genuine raw honey that deserves the time to stop and savour all its aromas.

A Greek recipe with Greek honey, sesame and nothing else. Delicious little crackers to nibble for a dose of energy and vitality. No added sugar, so you can enjoy these handy pick-me-ups whenever you like!

This product is currently unavailable !

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