Bee Wine

Mead… it’s time to stir up your senses!

“Close your eyes and imagine a rainbow of flavours flood your mouth and bring your taste buds to life!

Red warmth and passion, balanced with some fruity orange. Spicy yellow, a breath of floral wind and the infinite purity of blue. Intense, full-bodied indigo, mellowed by sweet purple. It is this richness of surprising flavours that honey gives you! Add some water, a handful of specific, delicate production methods, patience and most importantly, passion… The result is this drink, popular with the gods, but a novelty for mankind: mead.

All that’s left for you to do is invite some friends over and open your first bottle of mead. As you pour it into your glass, listen carefully, and you can almost hear the buzzing of the bees…”

The result of the simple process of fermenting honey and water, until the start of Christianity, mead was the most popular alcoholic drink on the planet. The nectar of the gods for some, the tipple of poets for others, and even the drink of love!

Our goal is to work with monofloral honeys, from sunflower, lavender, rape, health or orange blossom, from exclusively European producers.


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