Honeydew Oak 250g (organic)

Our oak honey is harvested exclusively in the protected nature park of the Strandzha mountains in Bulgaria. The region is famous for its purity and biodiversity, which is what gives this honey all its benefits.

Did you know? This honey is actually oak honeydew. This exceptional product is astonishing in more than one way. It is produced by bees from secretions on oak leaves and excretions left behind by aphids on the foliage. These substances are harvested by the bees to produce a honey that is darker and less moist than honey made from nectar.

The damp maritime and temperate continental climate also plays a role. The fog and mist that swathe the natural park from the beginning of June to the end of July liquify the honeydew, helping to break down the substances harvested by the insects. 

Colour: very dark, almost black

Texture: liquid. Very slow crystallisation

Flavour: velvety with a hint of liquorice, dried fruit and spices. Long aftertaste

Properties and medicinal uses: one of the richest in micronutrients

Culinary uses: perfect for caramelising meats

Price : 8,85 €