Bee Honey

Honey is a unique food product. It resists every attempt to transform, modify, improve or copy it made by the food industry. A natural, living product, honey is a gift from nature just as it is.

Foraging bees fly from flower to flower looking for food for the colony. For their part, flowers need help transporting pollen from one flower to another to help them reproduce. Flowers produce nectar, a juice the flavour or smell of which attracts insects, including bees.

Nectar is essentially made up of water and sugars: glucose and fructose in difference proportions and complex sugars (sucrose, maltose, etc.). It contains other elements in much smaller quantities, including amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

Foraging bees transport the nectar in their baskets where natural enzymes contained in their saliva get to work. Back at the hive, it is transferred from basket to basket, and from cell to cell.

Honey is a fantastic source of energy thanks to its glucose, which makes it a true “fast sugar” that can be used by the body directly and quickly.
It is the natural element with the highest fructose content, which also give it the characteristics of a “slow sugar”.

The result of a wide variety of flowers, our honeys offer a whole rainbow of flavours, aromas and smells. They all contain sugar, but although some are very sweet, others develop powerful, intense and even tannic flavours.

At Nectar & Co, we have chosen a range of European monofloral honeys that have not been heated, are not excessively filtered and not mixed with honeys from anywhere else.

We are thrilled and proud to be able to introduce you to these honeys, some of which are not very well known, and we are adding new gems to the range every year, each one with its own unique flavour.

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