Wound healing honey

Treatment of superficial, deep and chronic wounds

Ingredients : This healing honey contains honeys carefully selected based on their source flowers.

Properties : Honey's high sugar content (nearly 80% w/v) helps prevent bacteria from spreading by osmosis, working to strengthen the protective barrier formed by the honey's viscosity.
It reduces odours.
When used with occlusive dressing, it creates a moist environment that is ideal for tissue repair. It prevents bandages from sticking to wounds and allows them to be removed and replaced without causing trauma.

Indications :
- trating open surgical wounds (controlled wound healing)
- treating acute wounds
- treating chronic wounds
- treating bedsore
- treating first- and second-degree burns

Contraindications :
Hypersensitivity to honey

Directions for use :
To ensure effective healing:
1. Clean the wound with saline solution. Gently dry the edges of the wound.
2. Cover the entire surface of the wound or secondary dressing (preferably tulle gras) with a thin layer of healing honey. Do not use on deep wound.
3. Cover with compresses and occlusive dressing for the first few applications on high exudate wounds.

Price : 13,2 €