Pollen - Heather (Wild flower)

acido-basic balance, Microcirculation & Transit

One big spoon of freshly preserved pollen brings you a unique plant-based complex enriched by the bees.
Specifically selected, our wild flower heather pollen contributes to eliminate all what congests us in order to be in better shape
When is this pollen recommended ?
When the body is a little “clogged” at the end of winter, to support a food rebalancing or a fitness program.
It concentrated rutine, which improves micro circulation, insoluble fibres helping natural elimination and alkalizing minerals to drain toxins. Ideal for everyone who wants to remove toxins and overloads.

Recommendations for use :
A large spoonful of frozen fresh pollen for breakfast contributes to a feeling of well-being all day ! Sprinkle a large spoonful of frozen fresh pollen on a compote, fruit salad, yoghurt or on some toast with some spread or jam for a mixture of flavours. For 3 to 6 weeks.

Ingrédients :
Heather pollen (Erica  sp). Some minor other pollen from surrounding flora. No added colorings or artificial preservatives

Price : 22,5 €