Pollen - Thousand Flowers

Intellectual and physical vitality

One big spoon of freshly preserved pollen every morning brings you a unique plant-based complex enriched by the bees.
Specifically selected, the organic « mille fleurs” pollen has a balancing and dynamism-enhancing effect.

When is this pollen recommended ?
For everyday well-being and inner balance.
Recommendations for use :
A large spoonful of frozen fresh pollen for breakfast contributes to a feeling of well-being all day ! Sprinkle a large spoonful of frozen fresh pollen on a compote, fruit salad, yoghurt or on some toast with some spread or jam for a mixture of flavours. For 3 to 6 weeks.  

Ingrédients :
Organic multifloral pollen mainly from meadow flowers and fruit trees. No added colorings or artificial preservatives.

Price : 22,5 €