French royal jelly

Our royal jelly is harvested by a recognized French beekeeper, reputed member of GPGR, and working under the Ecocert label. The GPGR (Association of Producers of Royal Jelly) publishes a quality charter which guarantees the purity of the product.

  • A royal jelly produced without artificial feeding of the bees during production (nor sugar syrup nor substitute proteins such as yeast or soy flour), respecting the natural food of the bee: honey and pollen.
  • Cold storage at +2 to + 5 ° C after harvest. To preserve all its exceptional qualities, our royal jelly has not been frozen and thawed before sale.
  • Production process respecting  the bees' health and the environment, guaranteeing a product with optimal purity.
  • A guaranteed traceability through a unique number identifying the producer.


Price : 32,25 €